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With revenue of over $300,000, DSC's largest revenue source is our on-going contract with the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS). The contract is to provide, together with our partner agency NEON, our Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program (EFFP) in the communities of Bridgeport, Norwalk, and Stamford-Greenwich.

Foundation grants and training fees support our youth-related programs such as Juvenile Court Mediation and Conflict Resolution for Schools & Youth Programs. The Tow Foundation has been supporting our work in the Juvenile Courts for several years.  Other foundations, such as the Edward S. Moore Foundation and Fairfield County Community Foundation (FCCF) and sponsors support our work in the schools and after-school facilities.

We also appreciate funding from several donor-advised funds at FCCF and support from almost 150 active individual donors. These unrestricted funds are critical to being able to take on new initiatives and explore new ways to help communities with mediation to reduce crime, violence and homelessness.  To maximize the number of mediations, trainings and coaching we can provide, DSC maintains a very lean and cost-effective management structure and has become a division under the RYASAP umbrella. More information on our finances can be found at Guidestar.